Hi, my name is Francesca. I am a counsellor working in Glasgow and this is my blog. It is divided into categories so you can read up about the things you are interested in the most.

If by reading this, you feel inspired to collaborate or engage in therapy with me, you can find more information on my website, or you contact me at counselling.francesca@gmail.com


Series of blog posts regarding therapy, from tips to support you overcome life transitions to finding a therapist.

Food for thought

This is a space to look at things differently and see how they sit with us. It’s a gentle challenge to the norm, an invitation to explore horizons we may not know are there, all through a mental health lens.


Let’s explore the intersection between migration and mental health.


My work and private life are inspired by the passing of seasons, our kinship to the natural and animal worlds, and how we move in the space. The following blog posts explore the different nuances of the personal and professional in connection to nature.