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What I offer


My approach

person-centred: I am a firm believer that you know best what works for you and I can support you to access your internal resources to better cope with life events.

feminist: I am interested in what you as an individual bring to therapy, whilst being aware of the impact your environment, power and inequalities might have on your distress. This means that my approach is culturally aware and sensitive to intersectional forms of oppression. 

non-diagnostic: whilst you may have a medical diagnosis of mental illness, I will listen to your individual story of how the diagnosis and issues with your health are affecting you.

trauma-informed: traumatic experiences can have an impact on our life and our ability to cope. In our work together I will make safety paramount whilst respecting you as an individual with the ability and skills to heal. 

Therapy issues

I do believe that if you are here today looking for counselling, it means that your problem is big enough for you to look for support. No matter how big or small you think your problem is, I am here to listen to how you make sense of it and how it is impacting you.

If you are curious on what type of issues I work with, this list is not exhaustive but it may be a good starting point:

change and loss / relationship issues / anxiety / depression / shame and guilt / relationship with food / body image / self-esteem / isolation / cultural issues and identity / overwhelm by own thoughts and feelings


Addiction: I have worked in different roles, including as a counsellor, with people who use substances or are struggling with an eating disorder (even when undiagnosed). In our work together, we will not only look at triggers but also at what life circumstances have been making it hard for you to take control over your life again.

Voice hearing and dissociation: I have volunteered as a counsellor in a service that supports people with experiences of visual/auditory/tactile hallucinations. I have a deep understanding of how these experiences impact your daily living and the relationship with yourself, others and the world around you, including the impact of being involved with mental health services. 

My experience

I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy from Strathclyde University (Glasgow). I volunteered for a research clinic where I gain most of my hours to complete my studies.

I then joined two amazing services that expanded my understanding and appreciation of the work I do. One was a service for people who use substances problematically and those who were involved with the criminal justice system. 

The other service, where I still currently volunteer, is a therapeutic community that supports people who hear voices and who self-harm. My experience here taught me how to look beyond the labels, centre the person in the work we do together and trust, no matter what, that the person knows best what works for them in their healing journey. 

I also have a Certificate in Certified Cyber Therapy by The Online Institute and a Certificate in Wilderness Therapy Theory by the Wilderness Foundation. 

I am a Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP membership n. 00922548) and Person-Centred Approach Scotland.

How I can help

In our work together, I will support you to understand your experiences by looking at the relationship you have with yourself, noticing what is happening to you in the present moment and how your life developed since your younger years. This will take the form of exploratory questions, offered to you in a way that will feel supportive and understanding. 

I will also ensure that you feel supported whilst learning how to trust yourself more. I will prioritise your safety, how to recognise it and create it for yourself as part of our work together, before exploring what else is there. I will offer you my attention and respect when you explore current or historic issues and traumas, together with softness, gentleness and safety. 

For ‘Wilderness Therapy’ please refer to the information found here.


One-to-one therapy (online, outdoors or in the office): from £40 to £60 per session. Please note, I don’t ask for proof of income when you choose how much to pay. As guidance, £40 is for students or those on a low income.

For group work, please refer to the information at the following link.


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