Short-term counselling

 online   outdoor  office   £60 

Weekly counselling sessions with a focus topic in mind

12 sessions (review at sessions 4 and 8)

Suitable for overcoming a crisis or untangling current issues

Long-term psychotherapy

 online   outdoor  office   £60 

12+ therapy sessions

Suitable for exploring core issues, trauma work, identifying patterns

Focused ecotherapy session

 outdoor   £150 

30-minute zoom call to organise the work together, including contracting and setting up goals

One 1-hour-30-minute therapeutic outdoor session using nature-inspired exercises tailored to you 

Suitable for exploring one area that is causing you distress and looking at ways forward

Therapy issues

Change and loss

Relationship issues

Cultural issues and identity


Shame and guilt


Body image

Relationship with food



Overwhelm by own thoughts and feelings


Dissociative processes and voice-hearing

Alcohol and substance use

My approach

Grounding is ongoing, focusing on it at the beginning of our work together.

As a trauma-informed therapist, I will prioritise your safety, how to recognise it and create it for yourself as part of our work together before exploring what else is there. I will do this by listening to and believing you, and how you make sense of your distress beyond any diagnosis you may have. We will also look at your resources and strengths to create strategies to support you during our work together. This will feel like turning down the volume of overwhelm when looking at your experiences, making it safer for you to explore them further.

In our work together, I will support you to understand your experiences by looking at your relationship with yourself, noticing what is happening to you in the present moment and how your life has developed. I will pay particular attention to how systems of oppression, power dynamics and privileges have impacted your distress.

There are different ways this will happen in the session: through supportive exploratory questions and an embodied practice (gently attuning to your body to develop further awareness).

Grounding and exploring allow you to create space for new information to surface. In our work together, I will also ensure that you feel supported in processing and integrating the old and the new whilst learning how to trust yourself more.

My framework


Trusting you have the inner resources to get better


Looking at how different systems of oppression, power dynamics and privileges have impacted your distress


Listening to you and how you make sense of your experiences beyond diagnostic labels


Making safety paramount in our work together