Counselling and Psychotherapy

Talking therapy is suitable for overcoming a crisis or exploring core issues (including trauma) and identifying patterns

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What to expect during counselling sessions

Getting to know

In our work together, we will look for cues of safety in the body while learning about your experiences and available resources. This looks like bringing awareness and finding what anchors you to the present moment in order to turn down the volume of overwhelm so it is safer for you to explore and process your experiences further.

Deepening and Integrating

As you start feeling safer, we will continue processing feelings, thoughts and behaviours by exploring how your relationship with yourself developed over time, with space to invite how systems of oppression, power dynamics and privileges have impacted your distress.

In a session, this looks like supportive exploratory questions and attuning to your body to develop further awareness of what feels painful and discover what feels easy and peaceful.

As an increased sense of safety and understanding of your processes make space for new information to surface, our sessions will be a place for resourcing you to move forward. It is an opportunity to integrate the new with the old.

The spaces I work from

The space plays a vital role in our lives; it influences our thoughts, attitudes and emotions. This is why I am offering counselling in a space of your liking, hoping this can contribute to a more comfortable therapy experience together.

Online: I use Zoom, a video-conferencing platform. This way of working invites you to be mindful of the place you choose for therapy and how you create comfort and safety during the counselling sessions together.

Office: I have an office space in the east end of Glasgow, a 7-minute journey by train from Glasgow Queen Street. It is a bright, big space with some plants. It is fully accessible to wheelchair users, with free parking spaces opposite the building.

Outdoor: I work from two urban parks in the City of Glasgow, and I offer what is most commonly known as “Walk and Talk” therapy, which also invites moments of sitting and stillness. 

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

~ Mary Oliver

Most common issues addressed in therapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Talking therapy to explore current and historic issues

 online     outdoor    Glasgow office 

£70 for 50-minute session

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