Outdoor Therapy

There may be different reasons for why you chose to start therapy outdoors. For example, you may feel the four-walled counselling space is quite limiting or you may have a special connection with nature that you would like to tap into during therapy. 

What we know for sure, being outdoors produces a series of long-lasting benefits such as (and not limited to):

     calming effect on the nervous system

     relaxation of an overworked brain

     reduction in heart rate and blood pressure

     increase in vitality and energy

     improvements with sleeping pattern

Being outdoors allow us to draw from the natural world to understand our own internal world and experiences.

Working outdoors doesn’t requires you to walk a long distance. It can be as short and gentle as you would like it to be, or we can opt for longer walks too, all depending on you and how you are feeling on the day.

Working outdoors can be exciting but it can also bring some anxiety especially around the weather and the clothing that someone should wear to make the experience as comfortable as possible. We will discuss all of this when you first make contact.


from £50 per 50-minute session (Glasgow)

from £60 per 50-minute session (Greater Glasgow)

I can offer longer sessions and in locations beyond Greater Glasgow (when permitted again). Please contact me to enquire.