I considered my approach to be:

person-centred: I am a firm believer that you know best what works for you and I can support you to to access your internal resources to better cope with life events.

feminist: I am interested in what you as an individual brings to therapy, whilst being aware of the impact your environment, power and inequalities might have on your distress. This means that my approach is culturally aware and sensitive to intersectional forms of oppressions. 

non-diagnostic: whilst you may have a medical diagnosis of mental illness, I will listen to your individual story of how the diagnosis and issues with your health are affecting you.

trauma-informed: traumatic experiences can have an impact on our life and our ability to cope. In our work together I will make safety paramount whilst respecting you as an individual with the ability and skills to heal. 


I work with a variety of therapy issues, including (but not limited to) those in the following list: 

change and loss / relationship issues / anxiety / depression / shame and guilt / relationship with food / body image / self-esteem / isolation / cultural issues and identity / overwhelm by own thoughts and feelings / trauma / addiction

Following from my counselling experiences, I work particularly well with people who have auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations,  paranoia, people who are involved in the criminal justice system and those who have substances and alcohol  use problem.