How to work with body shame and body diversity in outdoor therapy

Learn about triggers and how to support clients around body diversity in the outdoors. This workshop is facilitated by Francesca Lo Verso and Clem Pabion.

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This online workshop will guide you through a journey of bias exploration while showing you how to recognise a client’s responses when body shame is triggered.

The workshop will invite you to reflect on what steps we can take to create a space which is welcoming and understanding of our client’s experiences of their body in the outdoors. 

This workshop will allow you to better support and work more confidently with certain marginalised groups such as trans clients, clients with physical disabilities, clients in larger bodies, and older clients.

Learning outcome


Increased awareness of body diversity, including own biases and privileges


Increased understanding of the links between body diversity and body shame


Increased skills and confidence in containing and responding to body shame in clients

What you’ll get

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this event won’t be recorded. 

Refunds are not offered, so please purchase with intention. That said, you can pass your ticket on; in that case, we would need to be informed of the name change at the earliest opportunity. Name changes are possible up to 48 hours before the event starts. Please contact Francesca at regarding this.

The day before the workshop, you will receive a copy of the slides used during the event. I am inviting you to consider the environment when printing. To limit our impact on the earth, I created the slides in a fillable format. 

There will be a 5-minute break halfway through the workshop. That said, you are welcome to take any breaks you see fit.

All workshops are thought of with a small group in mind, so I am limiting the participants to twelve. This will offer an opportunity for every participant to contribute and share if they want to.

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