Welcome to We are here, too, a podcast on the ebbs and flows of life abroad and how it impacts our mental health.

After almost two decades of living outside my homeland, Italy, and a degree in counselling and psychotherapy, I felt inspired by the many stories of life abroad I connected with.

I hope you can accompany me through a journey of self-discovery whilst highlighting the everyday struggles of those who decided to make a living abroad.

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Newsletter: the eco-somatics of migration

Behind the scenes

We are here, too exists thanks to the support of friends, family and those of you whose testimony of life abroad inspired me. 

A special thanks to Candela and Su San, both part of this community, who showed excitement and appreciation for this project and add their artistic touch to it.

Thank you!

The team

francesca lo verso
creator, host and editor

Francesca is an Italian counsellor, supervisor and trainer based in Glasgow (Scotland). She runs a cross-cultural, nature-led business, working with clients in the UK and Europe and she is particularly interested in how the environment affects our mental health. 


candela sánchez
cover illustration

Candela is a Spanish freelance digital artist and mental health researcher based in Edinburgh (Scotland). She has recently become interested in merging the two and creating visual stories about the experience of mental ill-health.

su san

Su San is an independent singer-songwriter and freelance music producer from Malaysia who crafted her art in the UK and the States. Su San created A Lusher Mind, a creative wellness club for intentional artmaking practices as a form of self-care and self-discovery.

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