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(S1E4) Why am I feeling so guilty?

Let’s explore the often-overlooked emotional landscape of guilt in migration.

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You don’t have to work through guilt alone, Work with me

There are many emotions tied to the process of migration, and guilt is one of the most significant yet often overlooked ones. Guilt often accompanies the process of migration, acting as a moral compass guiding our decisions. It is a profound emotion that manifests as fear and self-doubt. 

In my latest podcast episode, I dive into the unseen emotional landscape of guilt in migration and take us on a journey to understand and overcome guilt, starting by asking ourselves the right questions. 

I discuss the remorse and sadness that we migrants often feel when we believe we have abandoned our loved ones back home (it’s not uncommon for migrants to feel alienated and disconnected from our home country, leading to guilt). I also talk about the intricate relationship between guilt and our personal values (for example, when our life in our new country doesn’t align with our values).

The podcast episode also delves into the practical aspects of dealing with guilt, starting from recognising guilt as a double-edged sword. If we can approach it with compassion and support, we can learn how to understand and overcome guilt in our lives. 

In a world that often pushes us to deal with our issues alone, I encourage you to share your feelings and concerns with others. After all, our journey towards understanding and overcoming guilt should not be a solitary one.

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