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(S1E6)Exploring and negotiating boundaries when living abroad

Let’s look at the negotiation of boundaries through a cultural lense

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Adapting to a new culture can be an exciting yet challenging journey, especially when it comes to understanding and respecting boundaries. Whether personal or cultural, boundaries play a significant role in shaping our experiences and mental health. This podcast episode dives deep into the complexities of navigating cultural boundaries and how boundaries can serve as guides and limits, enabling us to assert ourselves and navigate unfamiliar circumstances.

In this episode, I emphasise the importance of learning to listen not only to our mind but also to our body while setting boundaries in order to give us room to breathe, expanding our empathy, and building relationships in our new country.

Understanding boundaries as negotiators of adaptation and a way to gain control is also a powerful tool. Sometimes, we may have to compromise and adapt to the new culture, and at other times, we may have to stand our ground. In either case, the negotiation process is vital for our mental health and wellbeing.

If we remain open and curious about the world around us, boundaries can be a tool for connection and personal growth in a foreign land.

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