Somatic Trauma Therapy

Somatic trauma therapy is a body-led approach to process trauma. Below, you can read a step-by-step guide on what to expect when attending somatic trauma therapy sessions with myself.

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I am currently undertaking training in Somatic Trauma Therapy at The School of Holistic Therapy in Edinburgh (Scotland). I will be offering this as a stand-alone service from June 2024. At present, I am integrating aspects of somatic trauma therapy into my counselling and wilderness therapy offers.

What to expect in

somatic trauma therapy

The somatics of safety

Working with the body is all about safety. During our first few sessions, we will look at how safety feels in the body. This means learning how to connect to the body (Where and how do you feel it?) and finding in your body what anchors you to the here and now (what is soothing whilst being immediate, accessible and efficient?). Paying attention to the body and grounding yourself will resource you for when the work on your trauma and post-traumatic stress responses begins.  

Exploring in therapy

In somatic trauma therapy, sessions are led by your body, whether you want to focus on current chronic aches and pains or something that happened in the past. In each session, we will remember what anchors you in the present moment, and we will use this certainty to guide you when you edge what your body may perceive as a threat. Following the principles of somatic trauma therapy, where healing happens in slowness, we will add gentle and slow movements aimed at guiding your body to recovery. At the end of each session, you are invited to practice these slow movements at your own pace at home to support your nervous system.

Resourcing your body for safety

The entire process of somatic trauma therapy is aimed at completing the trauma cycle, which means helping your body find rest and safety within itself and establish boundaries that were once violated. In other words, we will explore and be curious about what your body needs to feel safe and give you the resources to achieve that. 

These resources can look like finding ways to regulate your emotions so you have control over them (you will learn how to smooth the edges), having a better understanding of your body’s cues to stress and perceived threat, and introducing slow movements that you can do in your everyday life to support your nervous system.

“My body sent me so many signs, but they were spoken in a language I didn’t understand yet”

~ Erin Foley

Most common issues addressed in therapy

Somatic Trauma Therapy

A body-led approach to process trauma

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£70 for 50-minute session

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