Individual supervision

 online   outdoor   £60ph 

 trainee  £45ph 

Frequency according to membership body and needs

Student rates available

Suitable for on-going clinical practice supervision

Case-specific supervision

 online   outdoor   £60ph 

Ad-hoc supervision in one of my areas of specialism: outdoor therapy, substance and alcohol use, prison work, voice-hearing, dissociation

Suitable for exploring and focusing on a specific area of your client work

Group supervision

 online   outdoor   £30pp 

Two-hour group supervision, up to 4 practitioners

Opening: Group Supervision for Italians living in the UK

What does it mean to work with me as a supervisor?

I work with mental health professionals (counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists) and those working in the third sector (social work, charities, communities), whether you need an individual supervisor or seek group supervision as part of a team.

Page and Worsket’s cyclical supervision model is the framework I use in our work together, explicitly defining how I can support you to grow within your role (more information below).

This is where we will make space for opportunities to think of both the supervisory and supervisee-client relationship in a way that feels dynamic and deliberate.

By working in a person-centred way, we will look at your processes and what is there for you that is getting in the way of staying open to your client’s processes and experiences. This will look like observing and reflecting on what needs and fears, hindrances, or helpful aspects are present in the relationship.

Above all, I’m interested in knowing what resources and working style make you you and how we can further nurture, expand, and develop that. 

Furthermore, I work from a strong feminist perspective, making space for questions around issues of power, privilege and oppression in our supervisory relationship and your work with clients. 

I welcome humour and laughter in the sessions. Only because, at times, it feels difficult and heavy, it doesn’t mean we can’t invite what feels good and connecting into our practice and supervisory relationship. 

My approach

Ground rules, boundaries, accountability, expectations, relationship

We will explore what you need from this relationship to make it work for you.

Issue, objectives, presentation, approach, priorities

We will explore anything that feels significant to you and relevant to your client’s work at that moment in time.

Collaboration, investigation, challenge, containment, affirmation

We will co-create a space that feels safe enough to bring all of yourself into the relationship and nurturing enough to share the highs and lows of your work. Challenging will be gentle and supportive rather than intrusive and dismissive.

Information giving, goal setting, action planning, client’s perspective, consolidation

Supervision is a place where you can explore how all the unpacking, learning and new awareness can translate into your clients’ work. It’s also a place to explore how your needs for “doing/ changing/ progressing in the session” get in the way of you listening to the client fully and without judgement. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to communicate how we feel or how to nurture fluidity in the way we work with clients. Let’s see those words and ways together. Let’s brainstorm and explore.

Grounding, evaluation, assessment, re-contracting, feedback

Although offered informally, it is still an essential part of our work together. How is it working for you? What would you like to change? What is supporting your learning?