How I work

I work from a person-centred perspective.

In supervision together, there is space for you to explore:

  • what resources and style of counselling you have that make you you
  • how client work is impacting you and your processes and what is getting in the way for you to be present. 
  • stuckness and ambivalence. 
  • issues around power, privilege and oppression

When bringing all of yourself into your client work, I appreciate that life may at times get in the way of offering unconditionality and empathy. I will make sure that our work together will offer you the space to explore what may be there for you and your capacity to stay open.

Where I work

I work online using Zoom. At present, I am not in a position to offer in-person supervision from my office. If you would like to bring your sessions outdoors, please contact me to discuss this further.


Trainee Counsellors: £40 for 60 mins / £60 for 90 mins

Qualified Counsellors: £50 for 60 mins / £70 for 90 mins

Group Supervision: £25 per counsellor / £100 in total for a group of four counsellors (2 hours). 

What I offer

In our work together, I’ll listen to how you make sense of your work and the relationship with your client(s) while listening to how intersectional forms of oppression are affecting you, your clients and the relationship between the two of you.

I will work towards creating an environment that feels mutually safe, inspiring and equal. I will bring humour when appropriate and I will attend to your experiencing with attention, focus and empathy.

My experience

I gained my Certificate in Clinical Supervision from Persona Development and Training in August 2021. I have extensive experience working with trauma and safeguarding, with a particular interest in alcohol/substance use and voice-hearing/dissociative processes. I volunteered as a counsellor in a prison setting.

I work cross-culturally in two languages (Italian/English) with clients from all walks of life and backgrounds.

I work outdoors and I have a successful workshop on how to move your practice outdoors. I am happy to supervise any practitioner who is working outdoors and would like support in this area.

I am not a therapist, can we still work together?

I welcome supervisees from the third sector, whether you need an individual supervisor or you are seeking group supervision as part of a team.

Before training as a counsellor, I had worked for over a decade as a support worker both in the UK and abroad in the following sector: housing and homelessness and victims of human trafficking.

Would you like to know more?

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