Supervision is a space for your to reflect and review all aspects of your counselling practice

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What to expect during supervision

What does it mean to work with me as a supervisor?

Supervision is an opportunity to think of both the supervisory and supervisee-client relationship in a way that feels dynamic and deliberate.

By working in a person-centred way, we will look at your processes and what is there for you that is getting in the way of staying open to your client’s processes and experiences. This will look like observing and reflecting on what needs and fears, hindrances, or helpful aspects are present in the relationship.

Above all, I’m interested in knowing what resources and working style make you you and how we can further nurture, expand, and develop that. 

I welcome humour and laughter in the sessions. Only because, at times, it feels difficult and heavy doesn’t mean we can’t invite what feels good and connect into our practice and supervisory relationship. 

Supervision model and frameworks

Page and Worsket’s cyclical supervision model is the framework I use in our work together, explicitly defining how I can support you to grow within your role (more information below).

I also work from a strong feminist perspective, making space for questions around issues of power, privilege and oppression in our supervisory relationship and your work with clients. 

My work is inspired and led by nature, meaning it is mindful of the ebbs and flows of everyday life and how we move, anchor or resist these states. 


I trained in Person-Centred therapy at Strathclyde University (Glasgow) and own a Certificate in Clinical Supervision with a person-centred lens. This means I am particularly suitable to work with trainees who are undertaking a diploma in person-centred or pluralistic theory or those studying the person-centred module on a counselling psychology course.

Frequency: I acknowledge that each accrediting body and training provider has their own supervision requirements, and I will work within those frameworks. I also ask to meet at least twice a month, independent of your supervision requirements: this would allow us to build a rapport whilst giving me a greater sense of who you are as a practitioner during your training and ensuring you are working safely and ethically with your clients.

Reviews: Each training provider has its own policies and procedures to review its students’ capacity to work ethically and safely with clients. We will arrange a session to reflect this. When this is not part of the course requirements, a supervision session is organised halfway through your client’s work to review your work and discuss areas of development.

“You can only take your clients as far as you’ve been in your own therapy”

~ a mentor

Possible topics addressed in supervision


Qualified and trainee counsellors, psychotherapists and counselling psychologists, third sector and social workers, individuals and groups

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£60 for 1 hour

£50 for 1 hour (trainees)

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