Group supervision

 online   £30ppps

Once a month, Monday 7pm to 9pm

Up to 4 practitioners 

Suitable for qualified Italian counsellors and psychotherapists who live in the UK

Meet the supervisor

My name is Francesca. I am a person-centred counsellor, supervisor and trainer.

I work online and outdoors in urban parks in Glasgow, Scotland. 

I have lived in the UK for ten years, after living in other parts of Europe before settling in Scotland. I took my diploma in counselling and psychotherapy at Strathclyde University, learning about the counselling profession in English. 

I have explored who I am as a person when living between two languages (where the two languages have not always been Italian and English) and identities. Figuring out how being me, a foreigner, intersects with other forms of oppression, privilege and power dynamics, especially in post-Brexit Britain. I bring this to my work as a counsellor, supervisor and trainer.

You can read more about my supervision style here.

Francesca is sitting on a tree root, wearing colourful hiking clothing, and smiling at her environment. The outdoor therapist is in a woodland area, where there are a lot of dry leaves on the ground.

What to expect

Together, we establish the ground rules of our group to create a safe and comfortable environment to learn, share and grow. 

In group supervision, learning comes in different forms: offering and receiving feedback, sharing information, and listening to colleagues’ ways of working when dealing with their struggles. Group supervision is an opportunity to take up space and appreciate the contribution you can offer others whilst gaining insight into your boundaries and limitations when sharing space. 

You don’t have to do this work in isolation! Communities play an important role in our overall health, by giving us a sense of belonging and empowerment. Group supervision is offered around a shared interest with like-minded people, making it an enjoyable experience.

Whom is this for?

This supervision group is for you if you:

  • are a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist living in the UK
  • are Italian
  • would like to have a space to share your struggles in relation to cultural identity issues
  • are looking for a place where you can express yourself in both English and Italian
  • a supportive environment of likeminded people
  • crave a space where you can explore how to work in both Italian and English

Why group supervision?

Group supervision offers an opportunity to:

  • explore new ways to work through issues or concerns by listening to others’ similar experiences
  • learn how to offer/receive feedback to/from your colleagues in a way that feels supportive and expansive
  • discover different ideas and ways of being in a safe environment
  • share difficulties and limitations without criticism
  • celebrate what is good in your work with clients with likeminded people