Working outdoors in winter

Explore your relationship with winter while learning how to manage and assess for risks and work safely outdoors during the cold and darker days of the year.

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This is a practical workshop aimed at mental health therapists and allied professionals who would like to explore ways of working during the colder and darker months safely.

The workshop is a blend of information sharing and group discussions, with time for any questions you may have on the topic. 

We will explore together the social narratives around darkness and cold while exploring how the responses of your internal world to these topics can impact your client’s work. 

We will learn how to assess, manage and contract for potential risks and brainstorm on a much-needed plan B when the weather turns for the worst!

Learning outcome


Ability to assess and manage risks during the darker and colder months


Ability to safely contract for risks and alternatives to outdoor therapy when the weather turns for the worst


Ability to reflect upon social discourses about darkness, how they can impact our work, and how to communicate safety

What you’ll get

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this event won’t be recorded. 

Refunds are not offered, so please purchase with intention. That said, you can pass your ticket on; in that case, I would need to be informed of the name change at the earliest opportunity. Name changes are possible up to 48 hours before the event starts.

The day before the workshop, you will receive a copy of the slides used during the event. I am inviting you to consider the environment when printing. To limit our impact on the earth, I created the slides in a fillable format. 

There will be a 5-minute break halfway through the workshop. That said, you are welcome to take any breaks you need. 

All workshops are thought of with a small group in mind, so I am limiting the participants to ten. This will offer an opportunity for every participant to contribute and share if they want to.

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